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Rector's Message

Dear Students,

Beykent University stands out from all the rest with its idea of education involving the aim of educating individuals who will have leadership skills, be innovative, and have the ability to think analytically in a world where competition has reached a global scale.

Knowing that education and training are not just transferring knowledge, and the young people we educate are an important part of the society, our University prepares the youth for the global competition.

Therefore, we educate young people who will have efficient learning strategies and think analytically, who will be creative, free, outgoing, and have the ability to design and programme new technologies.

To this end, we have 9 faculties, 4 schools, 1 institute of graduate studies, and 10 research centres on 4 campuses with a strong academic staff, a high number of students, and an increasing number of alumni.

Besides educating qualified and globally recognised specialists, our University is home to intellectuals with very advanced social skills whom the society needs.

We provide our students with an opportunity to participate in corporate research projects, as well as create an interactive and dynamic discussion environment.

In addition, the growing number of national and international exchange students enables Beykent Family to expand its borders.

We sincerely believe that our University, which educates a young generation that will play an important role in the construction of the future, will be among the global brands of our country with its qualified alumni.


Prof. Volkan ÖNGEL