Fundamental Values

With the belief that knowledge is universal, our core value universality is aimed at creating new knowledge of high quality, facilitating the access to recent knowledge and information, and making this new knowledge useful for humanity by turning it into skill.

Our core value innovativeness is aimed at following the knowledge and the developing technologies closely and integrating these into our students’ professional skills through education programmes, as well as enabling the students to keep abreast of the technological developments.

This core value is aimed at increasing our students’ motivation to learn by focusing on them as the learners, evoking the need to learn in them, and providing the necessary means and conditions accordingly.

With the focus on our students’ interests and tendencies, our core value participation is aimed at offering education taking into account the expectations and needs of the country, the society, and the real economy.

This core value is aimed at enabling our students to turn the knowledge they acquire into service and professional skills, and improving the knowledge continuously.

This core value is aimed at continuously making efforts and searching new ways to improve and go further in the fields of general management, education, research, and academic publication.


Our core value quality is aimed at assuring the business processes of education and corporate management by carrying out them in accordance with the quality standards.

This core value is aimed at offering our students the opportunities of education, practice, and social responsibility in order for them to do their future jobs taking the society’s needs and expectations into account.

Our core value sensitivity is aimed at offering our students an educational environment where they can gain insight about, and sensitivity towards, the nature, history, ethical and cultural values, and disadvantaged groups, and incorporate this insight and sensitivity into their professional conduct.