Mission and Vision


As a university producing and improving knowledge and technology, and educating qualified individuals who will turn these into professional skills to be used for the benefit of the society, our mission is to enable our students to access the physical and technological infrastructures, a social environment, education and training programmes, and learning resources so that they will be professionals who:

  • Have high leadership and social skills, and a high EQ, know what they want, chase their dreams, and are self-confident and able to make quick decisions;
  • Have a systematic thinking and intellectual discipline, as well as a system of effective learning strategies and multi-dimensional thinking, are able to question and think analytically/innovatively, and tackle complicated problems and solve complex ones;
  • Follow, effectively use, develop, and programme technology, grasp the characteristics of the era they are living in, know their society, and are sensitive to ethical values and the environment; and
  • Have the ability to use their professional knowledge and skills in any part of the world.


Our vision is to become a global higher education institution.