History Of Beykent University

Beykent University is a foundation university having the public legal entity status which was founded by Adem Çelik - Beykent Educational Foundation on 09.07.1997 under the Law No. 4282.

Believing that education is the only solution for the unsolved problems of the increasingly growing and developing modern Turkey, our founder Adem Çelik has taken initiatives in the field of education with the ideal of “serving the community”, and created a flawless chain of education from kindergarten to primary and high school followed by Beykent University.

Our university, which began its educational journey on Büyükçekmece Campus in the Academic Year 1997 – 1998, offers education on four highly equipped campuses located in central districts of İstanbul.

Growing and developing more and more each year with its new students and alumni for the last 22 years, our University is a social and living university offering education with an innovative perspective.

In the journey we have embarked upon with the aim of educating people who will best represent our country and be the most in-demand professionals not only in Turkey but also around the world, we are continuing to offer an education of the 21st century standards and grow with our alumni.