Scholarships and Fees

In the Academic Year 2019-2020, our university provides university placement and special talent scholarship for 4+1 years for Undergraduate Degree and 2+1 years for Associate Degree programmes without regard to the academic standing of the students. The compulsory preparatory programme is not included.

Students who rank among the top 1,000 in the 2020 AYT in the score ranking of their prospective departments (except for Translation and Interpreting [English], Translation and Interpreting [Russian], and English Language and Literature), prefer one of the scholarship or non-scholarship undergraduate programmes, are placed at our University by the CASP (ÖSYM), and finalise their registration are given a scholarship of TL 2,000 for the duration of 9 months every year. Students who rank among the top 1,000 in the 2019 AYT in the score ranking of their prospective departments and prefer one of the non-scholarship programmes will be offered a 100% discount. 

According to our University’s Scholarship, Discount and Support Directive, students who are tops of their class in their departments/programmes are given a 50% discount for the following Academic Year.

Students succeeding in sports and arts under the roof of our University (students who become national team athletes in the last 3 years) are given a 50% - 100% discount for the duration of 1 year in accordance with our Scholarship, Discount and Support Directive.

Each of the siblings who receive education in the same academic year is given a 10% discount.

Students holding International Baccalaureate Diplomas and prefer our University are given tuition fee discounts on the basis of their IB scores:

50% for 40 and above,

35% for 35-39,

30% for 30-34,

10% for 24-29, and

5% for 23 and below.

Our University provides this scholarship to the students who study at our University and rank in the top three in international competitions in any branch of art taught at our University.

Arts and Culture Scholarship is given annually. Students who meet the requirements are given 25%-50% discount. In addition to all the other discounts, conservatory graduates are given an extra 10% discount on their tuition fee.