Academic Administration

Financial Affairs and Budget Office

The Financial Affairs and Budget Office is responsible for carrying out budgetary operations of the University, collecting tuition and accommodation fees, paying bursaries and scholarships, processing the refunds for leaving students, setting an estimated annual budget and benchmarking it against the monthly actual budget, monitoring and reporting all the financial activities, financial surveillance of R&D projects, and carrying out any and all sorts of other accounting activities.

Director of Financial Affairs and Budget Office: Ayhan TOPGÜLOĞLU, Financial Advisor
Email:üzü Campus)
Student Registration Clerk: Kadir AY
Email:  (Beylikdüzü Campus)
Student Registration Clerk, Ayazağa - Maslak Campus: Ufuk ULUTAŞ
Email: (Ayazağa-Maslak Campus)
Student Registration Clerk, Taksim Campus Institute of Graduate Studies and Faculty of Law: Şerif ÇAKIR
Email: (Taksim Campus)
Financial Affairs Manager: Gökhan PARLATAN, Financial Advisor
Email: (Beylikdüzü Campus)