Strategic Planning

Office of Strategic Development and Planning

Office of Strategic Development and Planning is responsible for:

Establishing the public strategic management as the institutional structure, and coordinating the strategic planning activities;

Creating the academic/administrative business processes for the performance of University’s basic functions such as education, research, and community services, carrying out these processes through the management information systems, and coordinating their sustainability;

Coordinating the process of integrating the strategic goals, objectives, performance indicators and activity plans into the In-house Evaluation Reports and the Annual Activity Reports of the academic/administrative units, and make them monitorable in terms of multi-annual (cumulative) performance; and

Using the university’s institutional resources allocated for educational purposes rationally and in accordance with the priorities determined on the basis of the goals and objectives of strategic planning, identifying the needs of the new academic programmes such as classrooms, laboratories, workshops, hardware, software, human resource/workload, and social, cultural and recreational areas, and carrying out resource planning for these purposes.

Head of Office of Strategic Development and Planning: Burak AYDEMİR