Ayazağa Dormitories

Application, Admission, and Registration

All students of Beykent University can apply for accommodation in Ayazağa Dormitories. Pre-applications and applications are made on the dates determined by the Directorate of Dormitories.

During the application process, the application form must be filled in and printed out, and submitted together with the required documents to the Directorate of Dormitories.

After the evaluation, the Directorate admits the students to the dormitories, giving priority to those whose families reside outside of İstanbul. If there is a vacancy, students are admitted to the dormitory according to the ranking of residence address of their families (Region 1, Region 2, etc.). In the event of submitting false documents, students may be dismissed from the dormitory - even if they have been admitted - immediately after the documents turn out to be false.

To be admitted, you are required to submit the following documents in time and fully to the Directorate of Dormitories.

Documents to be submitted during the Pre-application Process

Students already living in the dormitory should file a new application. Those who are going to apply for the first time must contact the Directorate.

Documents to be submitted during Registration

  1. (4) copies of ID Card
  2. (4) passport-size photos
  3. Certificate of Residence
  4. Criminal Record**
  5. Health Certificate to be issued by a hospital or community health centre**
  6. Copy of the document showing the blood type**

*To be issued by the Directorate of Dormitories

**Copies of the documents used for university enrolment shall be accepted only if they have been stamped “true copy” by authorised persons.