Mendeley Referans Management

Mendeley is a free platform on which you can manage your references as you write your academic papers and easily access your documents by installing the virtual library on your PC. It is accessible on web and compatible with both the desktop computers and mobile devices. Users can sign up to this platform on their own. Users need to use the our institution’s mail extension and log in to their inbox at least once in order to click on the activation link they have been sent. They will be given 5 GB of personal storage. 

With Mendeley;

  • Search results in the databases can be imported into the Mendeley account. After the initial import, you can add the selected search results to your library.
  • With the Mendeley Importer extension which can be added on the web browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla and so on, the tag information of any article on a website can be automatically imported into the Mendeley account. 
  • You can create folders on your Mendeley account, and the downloaded materials can be stored in these folders. You can also tag and filter these materials, and search and annotate the documents. 
  • On desktops, you can install the MS Word plug-in in the Settings menu and add citations and bibliographies in any format in the Word file. There are over 8,000 formats. You can also create your own format with Mendeley Citation Style Editor.
  • You can access an academic social networking platform. On this platform, you can join the open or closed groups, create your own group, and share bibliographies in these groups. 


User’s Guide