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Archive System for Examination Documents

In the Fall and Spring Term, our academicians must fill in and print the delivery forms for examination documents through Archive System for Examination Documents (Additional – 1 with 7 Article) to sign them. 

To enter the system, they sign in the Archive System for Examination Documents on the website of the Library, and click the page ‘‘Archive Procedures/Examination Documents’’ to entry data. They fill in all of the records through the system, print, sign, and deliver them to the Archive. 

The passwords of our academicians who entered the system before are valid. 

Academicians who forgot their passwords must send an e-mail informing they forgot their passwords to the address ‘‘kutuphane@beykent.edu.tr’’

Academicians who will enter the system for the first time must send an e-mail stating their registration number and the courses they teach to the address ‘‘kutuphane@beykent.edu.tr’’. 

You can request the guidebook regarding the points to be paid attention relevant to the system while delivering the documents to the archive from the personnel in the Archive of Examination Documents, and access the guidebook via your e-mail address. 


  • After changing their passwords, the users must sign out and sign in the system again. 
  • The users can access the archive information system only through the internet on the campuses. 
Ayazağa Campus – Archive of Examination Documents:2873 (Extension Number)
Beylikdüzü Campus – Archive of Examination Documents:5873 (Extension Number)
Hadımköy Campus Archive of Examination Documents:8874 (Extension Number)
Taksim Campus:2930 (Extension Number)

Click for Archive of Examination Documents.