Incoming Staff


Coordinator of the sending institution or the staff himself/herself contacts with our university and informs us that he/she wants to come to our university within Erasmus+ Staff Mobility. When Erasmus coordinator of our university approves the application, the staff or the institution is informed about the approval and an invitation letter is prepared. Then, this invitation letter is sent to the university via e-mail.

Preparation of the Visiting Programme

Department coordinator prepares a document named Teaching Assignment / Work Plan which includes the details of the visit of incoming staff. This document is signed by the incoming staff member, the sending institution, and our university’s Erasmus Institutional Coordinator before the academic staff member comes to Turkey.

Certificate of Attendance

After the academic staff completes the program, Certificate of Attendance is prepared and he/she is given it via e-mail or in person. Upon receiving this certificate, he/she officially completes the program.