Student Associations

Student Clubs

It was founded by students who are curious about the functioning of the advertising sector, which is one of the most important aspects of marketing and public relations, the way it works, and new developments.

It was founded to defend the rights of street animals, and the animals living in animal shelters, left by their owners, or exposed to poor pet shop conditions, to protect them and ensure a healthy life for them. It also aims to train the members enabling them to become conscious and sensitive individuals who love animals. To this end, it organises meetings, and carries out projects to feed the animals, and provide them with a better life.  

Animation Club teaches our students “motion graphics design” following the training of video and shooting techniques, Photoshop, and drawing techniques with drawing tablets. To make the training more interesting, it shoots at historical, touristic, and cultural locations, and thus draws attention to these places by designing animated promotional videos.

We are waiting for those who wish to exist, be active in social media, socialise, and learn the basic techniques in Animation with their shooting equipment.

Developing various projects and organising different activities, the society aims to enable students to improve their multiple thinking skills, and the skills of carrying out research, analysing, and synthesising them. It also aims to make contributions to the field of Translation Studies with its practices, introduce the field, and bring the academicians, translators, and translation companies together to enable the students to become more involved in the translation world.

It was founded to bring the students of engineering and architecture departments, and those who are interested in this field together. It organises discussions with the participation of famous architects, workshops, and trips, and aims to arrange larger events in collaboration with the faculties and students of engineering.

The club organises vocational trainings and social events in order to raise awareness of hearing health and loss among the students and society.

It aims to popularise aviation and technology among university students and to reach the masses who have set their hearts on the aviation sector.

Adopting the principle to prepare its members to their life after graduation, it aims to introduce the Department of Banking and Finance, keep up with the developments in the sector, and enable itself to improve the society in this direction. Being one of our active societies, it carries out its activities to enable its member to improve themselves, introduce the sector of Banking and Finance, organise corporate outings and conferences. 

As Banking and Insurance Society, focusing on the banks which are the substantial carriers of the sector of Finance which is gradually growing due to the globalisation and technological developments, on the insurance companies which constitute the inseparable parts of the sector, the effects of those institutions on the market, other financial institutions’ activities, and on Finance, we aim to bring the employees of the sector and the students together, and share information. 

It was founded to allow students who set their hearts on digital game design to improve themselves in the field and network with sector leaders.

Beykent Riders’ vision is to become the first name that comes to mind on motorcycles. The club carries out works by itself as well as with other universities to allow all the motorcycle riders to enjoy a conscious riding experience with all the safety equipment for motorcycle riding. Club members see, interpret, and react all social events from the perspective of a motorcyclist.

It aims to gather students who support Trabzonspor Sports Club and have devoted themselves to sports. The club events include taking part in activities such as discussions and social responsibility activities throughout the year. 

It aims to unite the students of Beykent University’s Biomedical Engineering and enable innovation for the Department.  

It was founded to popularise the training in the blockchain structure system, which creates the infrastructure of the future, and to bring together sector leaders and students.

It carries out activities mainly in the areas of education and development of children and the youth, considering the childhood and youth psychology. To this end, it organises conferences, seminars and trainings with its members to raise awareness.

Beykent University’s Cinema Society carries out its activities by setting up workshops, shooting films, and participating in various contests and festivals. By organising film screenings, it creates an environment for discussion to analyse films. Besides these activities, it aims to be an entertaining and instructive society participating in film festivals and carrying out activities with its members. 

The mission is to introduce the Aviation primarily to the students and personnel of Beykent University, and then to many possible individuals, inform people about any areas of Aviation, organise festivals, trainings, conferences, and symposiums, and contribute to the growth in interest in our country.

With our innovative and dynamic structure, our vision is to become the most successful aviation society in Istanbul within the Beykent University, and to enable Istanbul, which has a key role in the history of aviation, to become the centre of aviation again. 

The Society aims to prepare firstly the students of Civil Engineering then all the other students during their university education for the professional life, help them improve themselves socially when faced with possible positive and negative conditions in their professional lives, and gain our University more prestige compared to other universities through activities. 

Our club creates a well-equipped, productive, energetic, and active community in many subjects in and out of its field, and transfers equal equipment to those who will come after them, on the same principle.

It builds a community that is equipped, productive, energetic, and active in and outside its own field, and passes down the quality to the future members with the same principle.

It aims to bring the computer engineers and prospective computer engineers together, ensure collaboration between the students of Beykent University. To this end, it organises various activities to ensure quality time, strengthen the social bond between the students, and plan academic and sectoral activities. 

It carries out its activities to bring the students and the experts in the sector, and organises various sectoral trainings and activities.

It aims to allow students to form an idea and gain experience about the cooking industry in order to establish communication between its members and other cooking and gastronomy departments of other universities. It collaborates with the relevant departments and clubs of other universities, and carries out works in order to foster a sense of solidarity.

It is a club in which not only those who are engaged in cyber security but also those who do not use computers and the internet well and do not have enough technical knowledge can take part.

It aims to arouse students’ interest in dance and music, improve their dancing skills, and represent our University in all the dance shows and events outside the University.

It carries out its activities for the Faculty of Dentistry’s students to improve and prepare themselves to become well-educated young individuals in today’s world. Besides it aims to enable the students to improve their skills in communication with patients of all ages before their professional lives begin.  

It was founded for students who are curious about software systems and want to work on web-based systems and artificial intelligence.

The club organises events such as conferences, seminars, and discussions to bring the students and experienced health professionals together which will allow the students to get to know their future sector and to allow the health professionals to share their experiences with the students.

The aim of the Economics Club is to allow the students to understand the national and international economic developments, equip themselves with knowledge, and enable them to improve their independent and critical thinking skills.

It aims to help students improve themselves by carrying out new projects and informative seminars to get to know future technologies better and shed light on advanced technology. In doing so, it aims to introduce the world of technology to everyone through electric cars.

Electroneurophysiology Club aims to organise conferences and events through which students can work in collaboration and invite the experts of the field to these events to become a helpful student club.

It organises conferences and seminars and invites the experts who are experienced in the field in order to help the students who have the makings of an entrepreneur about how to follow a new path.

It aims to enable the incoming and outgoing students within the scope of Erasmus Programme to socialise, gather together, and exchange information. It also aims to come up with solutions to the problems they encountered, or may encounter, and organises trainings, conferences, and various activities.

The aim of the club is to make fashion popular among the students through practices and applications. It also aims to educate prospective fashion designers who aim to learn about fashion while having fun, and provide new perspectives on arts.

It was founded in order to enable Fashion Design students to meet with the private sector outside their academic lives and advance in their careers.

Our society aims to educate future health personnel that will keep calm, and work properly and in light of ethical values in the field, and become the silver lining between life and death.

It was founded to support our students through conferences and technical visits to various companies involved in Finance, Economy, Business Administration, etc.

It holds events not only to inform but also to entertain the members by organising different kinds of trainings, tastings, workshops, seminars, and trips. Accordingly, it organises cultural events such as conferences, discussions, seminars, meetings, etc.

The Go Club was founded by students who are enthusiastic about the Go game, which has a large following and competitions in Asian countries.

Our primary aims are to enable people interested in graphic design to produce works by collaborating, and help them exhibit these works. It also organises cultural, social, and technical visits and activities in the University in the field of graphic design.

It carries out its activities to promote the health management on national platforms and organise initiative activities by analysing the importance of health management in terms of the public and private sector, and conducting studies in this field.

It follows, researches, and discusses up-to-date details in the field of healthcare services, and shares these through training, seminars, and conferences. 

The club organises events to raise awareness of healthy living and getting energised among the youth. It also aims to enable the students to acquire the habit of planned study, create projects in certain subjects, and work together as a team.

It organises activities with the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and other members interested in this field to emphasise the importance of a healthy life and nutrition, and raise public awareness. 

It carries out its activities to bring the social and cultural activities together which enable the University’s students to express their interests and ideas in the field of History freely and in a modern way.

It enables people of all ages to build awareness of history to preserve the history and its related values. 

The Human Resources and Career Club carries out activities for its members to raise awareness among them, and enable them to improve themselves, gain experience, improve their skills through educational seminars and conferences.

Working for the development of theory and practice of Engineering in the fields of electrics, electronics, computer, telecommunication, and many others, the IEEE Society Beykent organises activities for students such as technical visits, trainings, workshops, conferences, and regional meetings in the field of Engineering.

The club aims to bring the students of the Department of Industrial Product Design and others who are interested in this field. It carries out works in this field. It organises design meetings, workshops, and technical visits to improve the students’ knowledge in the field.

It enables the members to acquire knowledge of the current technologies and the field by organising technical visits to the plants and headquarters of the leading institutions in the field. Besides, it organises seminars and training sessions to help the members learn about the current situation and the future of their professions. 

It was founded in order to bring together students interested in various artistic disciplines, and allow them to learn about the structures in different disciplines and to produce works in them.

It raises awareness of the students and helps them perform their future jobs better both in the field of theory and practice. 

Our society, founded within our Faculty of Law, carries out its activities through committees on any matter related to international law. To this end, the society organises joint activities with academicians and lawyers from the fields that are being studied. In these activities and meetings, students are expected to develop their competence in law.  

The club aims to allow all the students interested in the field of Logistics and Trade to learn about the experiences and ideas of innovative people who have been successful in the field, and gain a wider perspective. It organises various events such as seminars, conferences, and technical visits in order to provide the students with more information, and help them to have fun while planning their career paths.

International Relations and Diplomacy are considered as two of the fields that will never decline in importance as long as the states exist in the world. Founded for this purpose, the International Relations and Diplomacy Society aims to:

a) Contribute to the self and social improvement of Beykent University’s students, and everyone who works with our Society.

b) Play a valuable role in cultivating the students of Beykent University into modern and all round individuals.

c) Create a team spirit, and improve the members’ skills in teamwork.  

The International Students’ Club aims to help the incoming students who study at our University as part of the Erasmus Exchange Programme. It is a volunteer-based student club aiming to assist the students in the official procedures such as getting a residence permit, and help them to get to know the university, city and the country better, speed up the process of their orientation and ensure them to have a good time during their studies.

It aims to help students support and extend their education through trips and conferences on business world, finance, economics, and business administration in addition to the education they receive at the University. 

It organises extracurricular conferences and seminars for a better understanding of the subjects relevant to the concept of justice. 

The society aims to gather the students interested in Turkish language and literature, organise studies in the field of Turkish language and literature, and share these with other students. 

It was founded with the aim of improving the students’ morale and motivation with social, cultural, and sports activities, developing a social awareness of students, and contributing them to improve their academic works. It carries out activities enabling students to improve themselves in the field of society, history, philosophy, art, and law, as well as put theoretical knowledge they acquired from courses into practice.

The Leadership and Entrepreneurship Club aims to organise sectoral works to raise awareness of entrepreneurship among students. It organises various conferences, seminars, trainings, and technical visits which will allow the members to improve themselves.

It aims to hold conferences and seminars to pass the required information to all the students with the participation of experts in their fields, and organise technical visits to the companies in logistics. 

The society raises awareness of social responsibility, communication, and volunteering and aims to allow the students to improve themselves and their environment in many aspects, gain experience, and become involved in projects for the benefit of LÖSEV, children with leukaemia and cancer.

As Management Information Systems Society, we aim to help the students of Management Information Systems have knowledge of the University’s and Department’s privileges, to organise trainings, conferences, and events that will contribute their career , and cultivate the students into qualified individuals in the sector. 

Marketing is a sub-branch of Business Administration, and the Marketing Club was founded by students who are interested in the developing e-commerce sector and different trade methods.

The club aims to organise various social, cultural, and sports activities with university students, as well as introducing the science and history of mathematics, and make mathematics popular among the students.

It aims to enable students to improve themselves socially and culturally, to support them technically and academically, and bring them together through various activities. The main objectives of the society are to ensure cooperation and embrace all the students of the engineering departments. 

It aims to enable communication, collaboration, and exchange of information between our medical students and those of other universities. It also aims to enable the students to gain a wider perspective in the field of global health by holding various symposiums and meetings for the students, and extend their network by participating in programmes offered due to its being a TurkMSIC Representative.

Beykent University’s Music Club allows its members to improve their musical skills and perform in or outside the University, and appeals to all of our students by organising discussions, workshops, and concerts of different genres as much as possible without sticking to just a single genre.

The Nursing Club carry out experimental works in the field, organise meetings with successful people in this field, and plan activities for special days.

The Occupational Health and Safety Club aims to identify the hazards and risks in order to implement the risk assessment processes in all areas of activity under the legislation. To that end, the club organises joint events with other student clubs and helps to develop security culture.

Our club activities aim to transmit the hospital and operating room culture to all our students, especially those studying the Operating Room Services Programme. The club carries out health studies and projects by cooperating with other student clubs working in other fields of healthcare. The trainings and activities held throughout the year are intended to help club members specialise in their fields.

The members of the Orthotics and Prosthetics Club carry out studies on prosthetics, organise a symposium every year, receive vocational trainings from distinguished and experienced instructors, visit the places conducting studies in this field, and improve themselves.

We aim to learn about the key points of taking photographs while travelling and enjoying ourselves. We plan to organise activities to improve our knowledge through conferences and discussion at we invite famous photographers. Besides, through our experiences, we learn that we can take photographs not only with professional cameras, but also with our mobile phones while we are travelling. 

The activities of our society can be listed as follows:

Organising events supporting the social responsibility projects,

Raising awareness to respect individual differences,

Ensuring people with disabilities to gain self-confidence as well as the confidence in their environment,

Inviting other physiotherapists to our country to make presentations,

And organising cultural events such as discussions, conferences, meetings, etc. in accordance with these purposes.

It aims to inform Beykent University’s students and personnel about democracy, individual freedoms, human rights and the rule of law, justice, and universal values as well as contribute to the increase in awareness about these subjects. To this end, it organises activities and creates platforms suitable for the exchange of ideas.

In accordance with the principles of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk based on reason and science, it aims to contribute to producing ideas by organising seminars and conferences that emphasise the social unity, justice, and freedom. 

It was founded to turn the ideas created by the students who are interested in entrepreneurship, management, and leadership into projects.

It aims to help not only the students of the Psychology Department but also all the other students interested in psychology to improve themselves in this field, and introduce and represent Psychology properly as a scientific field in and outside the University. Besides, it organises discussions that can help self-improvement for the exchange of ideas from experts. 

It aims to bring the students with similar interests and ideas under the same roof, enabling them to express themselves freely, and carry out social, intellectual and cultural works.

The club aims to create an R&D and innovation culture at our University. It allows all students to build various research, implementation and project teams, take active participation in relevant works, and observe the works and operations in the industry through technical visits. It also organises seminars and panels on R&D and Innovation at the University which will enable the students to get to know the markets in different sectors, develop a vision and mission, conduct project in any field open for research and development, and come up with innovative ideas, be present while planning the future, and express themselves easily.

The Radiology Technologists Club allow its members to get to know the working areas of technologists with the latest technology, brings the students together with the experienced health professionals, and allow the health professionals to share their working experience. The club keeps the students informed about the latest news, developments and innovations in the field of radiological monitoring.

The club organises technical visits to enable the students to observe the devices used in the treatment for cancer or other diseases. It also organises seminars, conferences, and panels and invites specialists.

It aims to contribute to development of social responsibility and awareness among students by supporting individuals and institutions in need of help both in and outside the University.

The club aims to provide the university students with information about social work management. It organises events such as seminars, panels, and discussion and brings the students together with people who have great knowledge of social work and carry out academic studies in this field. The club also carries out works concerning a career in social work, and aims to help the members to improve themselves. 

It aims to contribute to the self-improvement and career planning of the members who study Sociology or are interested in this discipline, build bridges between member students and non-governmental organisations through activities, and organise cultural events such as conferences, seminars, and panels.  

The Society was founded within Beykent University’s Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, and carries out its responsibilities as an active Society within the Faculty. The Society aims to follow the latest developments in Science, Technology, and Software, and organise various activities regarding these fields. 

The Start-UP Law Society aims to allow future lawyers to improve themselves, and become researchers who adopt a multidisciplinary approach. It also enables them to participate in this field and other related fields. It emphasises that the law exists in all the areas in the society, and help the students to improve themselves and boost their career.

The club has 12 out of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a purpose, and organises events and activities in 12 areas. The aim of the club is to raise public awareness of sustainable development, organise trainings in collaboration with national and international institutions and organisations pursuant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, establish contact and collaborate with the relevant student clubs of national and international universities, and organise relevant projects and events.

Having the principle of sustainable living, it was founded with the aim of protecting natural assets and raising public awareness.

Considering the new and old ages of technology, the club organises educational and rational trainings and other activities involving practise to enable the students to improve their proactive skills and gain competency of using the systematic activities.

The aim of the club is to make fashion popular among the students through practices and applications. It also aims to educate prospective fashion designers who aim to learn about fashion while having fun, and provide new perspectives on arts.

It was founded in order to enable students studying Textile Technology to meet with the private sector outside their academic lives and advance in their careers.

It aims to boost the power and the sources of the society with extracurricular activities, protect human life, helping the needy and defenceless people, improve the facilities to be used in disaster recovery, ensure social cooperation, and improve it. 

Students interested in theatre from different departments prepare for a play with the help of an instructor as an extracurricular activity, and the Club helps them rehearse the play and perform at the University or various festivals. 

It was founded by students who are interested in the dynamics of tourism in the newly developing world economy and technology.

It follows the current approaches in Translation Studies to share them with students, bring the students of Translation Studies from other universities together to create a synergy, enable the future translators who are preparing for their professional life to meet the employers in the sector. To this end, the society organises seminars and training to prepare our students for the future.

Our club aims to travel, learn by travelling, become acquainted with the cultural values of our country, travel into our entrenched history, improve social and cultural relationships, know the city we live in better, exchange ideas while travelling and combine our ideas with our culture, and expand our horizons by visiting different places.  

Our member students research the social, cultural, historical, economic, and political statuses of Turkic states and communities from past to present, and then introduce them to all of our students through various activities and meetings. 

It aims to gather students who support Beşiktaş Sports Club and have devoted themselves to sports. The club events include taking part in activities such as discussions and social responsibility activities throughout the year. The club meets the young members at the beginning of their academic lives and provides them with opportunities for becoming members of congress and managers. 

It shares the information about the Fenerbahçe family’s sports activities, organise social responsibility projects, and carry out its activities considering the supporters of Fenerbahçe within the campuses, and their demands. 

Our club, as other UA UNI Clubs active in 136 universities, aims to gather the supporters of Galatasaray at our University under a single roof, and support Galatasaray Sports Club, regardless of the branches. In this regard, it carries out activities under the roof of the Ultraslan UNI, such as supporting Galatasaray in the grandstand, painting banners, choreographing, and participating in social responsibility projects.

In accordance with the communication principles of the Visual Communication Society, it aims to plan activities on academic and social platforms in the fields of Web Design, Graphic Design, Performing Arts, Advertising, Photography, and Cinema and Television, and bring the all-round members together under one roof. 

The TEMA Club carries out activities every year such as sapling planting and acorn picking. As for its social activities, the club provides nature trainings and seminars with other teams affiliated to TEMA.
You can pursue your hobbies in the student societies/organisations playing a very important role in Beykent University’s lively campus life, or you can co-found new student societies/organisations where you can realise new projects with your friends.