Re-discovering the "Home" During the Pandemic
Date: 08 May 2021

Re-discovering the "Home" During the Pandemic

Organized by: Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Architecture (TR and EN)

Studio Supervisors: Assist. Prof. Dr. Özlem Şenyiğit, Assist. Prof. Dr. Aslı Pınar Biket, Assist. Prof. Dr. Serkan Yaşar Erdinç, Lec. Buse Ceren Ener

We left more than a year behind the pandemic process. We started to rethink and transform every corner of our "home" together with our changing daily practices and living habits during the lock-down process, which restricts urban mobility… Those who wake up early and leave the house to go to work can now start working at home by sitting in front of their computers. Some organize a private study room, while others create a new study area in front of the bedroom window. In this period when many people are trying new recipes, the kitchen is being redefined with alternative uses… We, within the workshop, will question the "new normal" in our homes, our living and working / education areas and the new meaning of "home", we will make proposals and predictions for the future with the design ideas we will develop. We will rediscover the "home" within the framework of today's realities and new concepts that enter our lives.

*The event will take place via Microsoft Teams.

*The event, which is limited with a quota, is open to all students. In order to participate in the event, it is necessary to register by sending an e-mail to A certificate of attendance will be given after the event.