View From “My Window”
Date: 03 April 2021

View From “My Window”

Organized by: Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Architecture (TR & EN)

Studio Supervisors: Assist. Prof. Dr. Ürün Biçer. Assist. Prof. Dr. Aslı Pınar Biket, Assist. Prof. Dr. Serkan Yaşar Erdinç, Lec. Buse Ceren Ener

Windows… Thresholds that connect us to the outside world and enable us to establish a relationship with the city between “publicity” and “privacy”… Especially with the pandemic and within the physical restrictions and inadequacies brought about by the “lock-down”, the functional importance of windows has increased during the time we spend in our homes. In this context, during the workshop which will be organized by DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE (TR & EN), we aim to question the function of the window as a border and threshold, and the concepts of publicity, privacy and neighborhood. Within the scope of the workshop, we will try to approach the home-street relationship redefined after the pandemic at various levels and scales through the concepts of inside-outside, open-closed and public-private. Throughout the process, we will look out the window together and experience the "transformation" of the city together.

*The event will take place via Microsoft Teams. 

*The event, which is limited with a quota, is open to 1st and 2nd year students. In order to participate in the event, it is necessary to register by sending an e-mail to A certificate of attendance will be given after the event.