Student Mobility (For 2021 Project Period)

Our university participates in Erasmus Programme with an increasing number of student and faculty member exchange every year. This exchange movement which started with 4 universities continues with new cooperation agreements signed by Beykent University and new universities every year.

Our students have the opportunity to spend 1 semester or 1 year of their education in distinguished universities of European Union countries within Erasmus Programme as of their 2nd grade and as long as the quotas allow. Associate Degree, Undergraduate Degree, Master’s Degree or PhD students can benefit from Erasmus Programme. The only condition for applying for the programme is to have 2.20 GPA for Associate Degree and Undergraduate Degree students and 2.50 GPA for Master’s Degree and PhD students. Assessment is comprised of two parts: 50% of Erasmus English Language Proficiency Exam Score and 50% of Transcript Score. Those who gain right to benefit from the programme within the quota of our university receive a grant ranging from € 300 to € 600 monthly depending on the country to cover their education and traineeship mobility. To learn more about the programme, please contact our Erasmus office.

Please click for Erasmus + Student Study and Internship Mobility Sample Language Exam Questions