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Virtual Tours

In this time when we stay home, we can visit historical, social and cultural attractions both in the country and abroad online. Here are some websites where we can visit places virtually:

Museums and Cultural Sights 

  1. You can visit Hagia Sophia, Rumelian Castle, Beylerbeyi Palace, Safranbolu Houses and a lot of museums, historical places and tourist attractions virtually through 360˚ panoramic photos. 

To visit the virtual museums:

  1. Providing an online virtual tour in Turkey, Yapı Kredi displays the historical artefacts and Atatürk’s belongings collected for three-quarters of a century of its existence. 

To visit the virtual museums:

  1. You can visit museums, palaces, mosques, monasteries, and some cities online on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

To take a virtual tour:

  1. Toy Museum

To visit the virtual museum

  1. Sakıp Sabancı Museum 

To visit the virtual museum

  1. Virtual Tours of Space 

To visit the virtual museum:

  1. Vatican Museum / Italy 

To visit the virtual museum:

  1. Van Gogh Museum / The Netherlands

To visit the virtual museum:

Social Activities 


The website offers access to 1150 movies from different sources.


It offers free access to millions of digital books and other various resources.


  1. Joshua Tree National Park / Southern California,-116.1477826,1300.65812885a,0d,60y,341.53269526h,84.35443426t,0r/data=CjASLhIgNWVlYWRhZDQzMTFkMTFlOWE3YjNhMzhjZWU0MDYwNjUiCmdjc19pdGluXzIiGgoWX3dVd1JnMy1IMlVudUQ5MEttREtzZxAC

  1. Kenai Fjords National Park

  1. Canyonlands National Park,-109.863554,1851.20094878a,0d,60y,342.76056142h,85.2847957t,0r/data=CjASLhIgYTE0NjA4NmU0ZWY0MTFlOTkyZjEzYjcwZTFlZGNkYmYiCmdjc19pdGluXzIiMAosQUYxUWlwUGpsamM5dlZEV0p2LUtiZUZhRmZaZEo5MkhiekJiT0p1WmhNUzIQBQ



  1. ARTE Documentary Archive

ARTE Documentary Archive offers access to various documentaries in six different languages. 

  1. Documentary Heaven

Documentary Heaven is a documentary platform offering contents on 40 different topics.

  1. Documentary Net

It offers a wide range of catalogue including free documentaries on various topics such as nature, politics, and history. 

  1. Top Documentary Films (TDF) is an alternative educational resource where you can watch over 3000 full documentaries online.
  2. New York Times Documentaries Times offers original full-length documentaries from all over the world.
  3. YouTube Free Documentaries

Theatre/Opera/Classical Music

  1. Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s Digital Concert Hall
  2. The Metropolitan Opera (Met Opera)

  1. Royal Opera Evi: London
  2. Vienna State Opera

  1. Online Theatre


Social Distancing Festival

Online Art Galleries