Key Information for Students

Key Information for Students


Expected Expenditure

Accommodation:  $300-600

Dining:  $200-300

Transportation: $15-50

Social Life:  $60-150

İETT Travel Card

Students carry out their İETT Travel Card process with Registrar’s Office. They may apply in person for Student Card in İETT Offices with the student certificate they will get from Registrar’s Office.


Currency of Turkey is TL. Daily exchange rates are announced by banks and exchange offices. You may get up-to-date information from the website of Central Bank of Turkish Republic. Visa and Master Card are the most common cards in Turkey. You may find ATM machines everywhere. Yapı Kredi (Associate of UniCredi), HSBC, Garanti Bankası, İş Bankası, Akbank, Citibank and Türkiye Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) are the most common banks.


The weather is generally warm in İstanbul since it is between Mediterranean and Black Sea climates. The weather is dry and hot in summer times while it is warm and rainy in winter. However, it feels like it is hotter in hot days and colder in cold days because of high humidity. June is the hottest month while January is the coldest one. The longest season in İstanbul is autumn. Average temperatures for months are as below:

Average Temperature
January4°C 39°F
February5°C 41°F
March6°C 43°F
April9°C 48°F
May14°C 57°F
June19°C 66°F
July21°C 70°F
August22°C 72°F
September18°C 64°F
October14°C 57°F
November10°C 50°F
December6°C 43°F


Opening a Bank Account

You must go to a tax office and get a tax identification number for foreigners. All tax offices carry out this process free of charge. You must go to the bank that you want to open a bank account with the tax identification number and your passport. After bank account opening process is completed, you are free to do any kind of banking transaction.