Date: 25 November 2020

Information about the Online Exam Rules Regarding the Subject Committee and Vocational Courses

  1. The exams will take place on KEYPS, and you can access both the Exam Information System and the Online Exam System with the same username and password as they use to access Student Information System (OBS).
  2. You must log in to KEYPS and display your exams on the exam screen at least an hour before you take the exam. You should determine the problems you may encounter while logging in to the exam, and inform the relevant faculty member before the exam starts. 
  3. After logging in to the system, you can select the exam you are going to take on the screen and start the exam.
  4. The time allocated for each question is limited to 1 minute and 20 seconds (80 seconds).
  5. For the exams consisting of fifty (50) questions or less, you will have extra 5 minutes, and for those consisting of more than 50 questions, you will have extra 10 minutes in addition to the total time for the exam. 
  6. If you cannot see the button “Sınavı Başlat” (Start the Exam), it means that the exam has not started yet.
  7. You can access the exam during the period between exam start and end time.
  8. You can start the exam only once.
  9. You can see the remaining time for your exam on the screen during the whole exam.
  10. In the exam, there will be only one question, its options, and the remaining time for your exam on each page.
  11. When you have continued to the next question after answering a question or leaving it blank, you cannot go back to the previous question due to exam safety precautions.
  12. You will not be penalised for wrong answers.
  13. If you try to have someone else sit for the exam or you sit for the exam for someone else, then your exam will be considered void and a disciplinary procedure will be initiated in compliance with Higher Education Institutions Student Disciplinary Regulations.
  14. If you experience a technical problem such as internet and/or power cuts, or device-related problems, you can log in to the system again until the exam end time, and continue your exam with the remaining time you have for the exam. The exam will be continuing during this time. Please note that it is the students’ responsibility to take necessary precautions.
  15. After answering all the questions, you can click the button “Sınavı Bitir” (Finish the Exam), and finish the exam. The button “Sınavı Bitir” (Finish the Exam)” can be displayed on each question. If you click this button, you will finish the exam; and if you finish it, you will not be able to log in to the exam again.
  16. All activities of the participants accessing the exam system are logged (successful and/or unsuccessful logins and their causes, device information, IP information, scrolling through pages and questions, marked answers, and so on).
  17. No additional exam will be available later for those students who have not logged in to the system within the specified time.
  18. You can display your exam results on KEYPS.
  19. For any questions or problems concerning the exams, you should contact the relevant faculty member