Date: 08 April 2021

Announcement on 2020-2021 Erasmus+ Study Mobility Applications

Dear Students,

The Programme Guide for the Erasmus+ Project covering and outlining the upcoming 2021-2027 period has recently been published by the European Commission. 

The new project and activities of the forthcoming period will be carried out by the rules set out in the modified handbook to be published by the National Agency. The applications for Erasmus+ 2021 will start when the terms and conditions and the modified handbook for the new period are finalised.

Turkish National Agency has shared the following information regarding the 2021 project period with the higher education institutions, including our university:

“The earliest project start date for 2021 is expected to be on 1 September 2021. Since the amounts of grant will be detailed in the 2021 agreement, it is impossible to set a start date for a traineeship, student or staff mobility before this date.”

The official statement released by the Turkish National Agency is as follows:

“As is widely known, the new Erasmus+ Programme was launched on 1 January 2021. We expect some changes in the rules and amounts of grant in the 2021 programme. After the rules are final, the amounts of grant and mobility periods may be changed, which may result in a loss of acquired rights. On the other hand, Turkey and the European Union have not signed the agreement on participation in the new Erasmus+ 2021-2027 and the 2021 Delegation Agreement. Our Institution and the Turkish National Agency will not be held liable for any material or non-material damages incurred by any delay or problem.”

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We wish you a successful academic year.

Beykent University

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