Chairman of Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dear Young People,

Our world has been swiftly globalising and turning into a single market. Today we experience head-spinning developments; borders between countries are now completely blurred and all the markets are merging by means of globalisation. Big corporations want to work with the most capable managers without any regard to their religion, language, or race. Thus, we are in need of capable people in every industry in order for us to take our place in this era of change as both a country and individuals. Beykent University, which we founded to serve this purpose, undertakes the responsibility of educating professionals who will be demanded in not only Turkey but also all around the world, and will represent our country in the 21st century.   

Dear Young People, this is your own university… We have created a cosy and comfortable learning environment for you. Come to Beykent in order to get to know it better, and see for yourself in what kind of an environment you will prepare for the future. We strongly believe that you will make the best decision for your future of your own free will and also with the help of your families and teachers. I wish you every success in your future endeavours.



Chairman of the Board of Trustees