Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (Candidate)

Software Engineering

  • Eğitim Süresi4 Yıl
  • YerleşkeAyazağa - Maslak Campus
  • Eğitim DiliTurkish

Software Engineering

The Department of Software Engineering aims to educate prospective engineers who can solve, by the interdisciplinary approach, the software problems in all areas including medical diagnosis and treatment, banking, engineering, social sciences, telecommunication applications, service industry, arts, and statistics.

Courses are organised under the guidance of SWEBOK 2004, an international standard supported by IEEE. In addition, students must complete a software internship of 40 business days.  

This is a 4-year Programme and the medium of instruction is Turkish. English Preparatory Programme is optional.

Puan ve Kontenjanlar

Program Code Program Grant PointType 2020 Quota 2019 Min Point 2019 Ranking
200710744 Software Engineering (Turkish) Burslu SAY 14 409.71356 57,400
200790502 Software Engineering (Turkish) 25 % İndirimli SAY 76 - -

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