Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (Candidate)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Eğitim Süresi4 Yıl
  • YerleşkeAyazağa - Maslak Campus
  • Yabancı Dil Hazırlık YerleşkesiOrtakoy Building

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering aims to educate prospective engineers who can carry out development projects and scientific studies, easily adapt to the fast-changing technology, create innovative solutions to problems, and have an open mind for change and an environmental awareness.

This is a 4-year Programme and the medium of instruction is Turkish. English Preparatory Programme is optional.

Puan ve Kontenjanlar

Program Code Program Grant PointType 2020 Quota 2019 Min Point 2019 Ranking
200711751 Electrical Electronics Engineering (Turkish) Burslu SAY 12 384.08613 77,800
200711769 Electrical Electronics Engineering (Turkish) 50 % İndirimli SAY 68 - -

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