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Dean's Message

In order to be a well-rounded, competent and successful person of the world, personal, cultural and social development is as crucially important as academic development. The university experience which is to provide the required skills for our students to be successful and fulfilled both in their professional and personal lives should include a variety of elements such as student societies, social responsibility projects, and personal development opportunities, as well as an academically rich environment.

With this awareness, we aim to offer our students a productive, active and high-quality university experience with the sub-units/departments of the Office of the Dean of Students. With the help of our Centre for Personal Development and Career, we aim at supporting our students’ personal and professional development not only during their studies but also after their graduation, and we try our best to guide them towards a successful career with career coaching and counselling and prepare them for the business world. To this end, we are by our students’ side with our projects such as traineeship opportunities, personal development trainings, seminars, alumni meetings, mentorship programmes, industry/sectoral meetings, and career days.

With our Solutions Centre, we aim to provide our students with the solution processes through which they can find a solution for their problems in the shortest time and the most efficient way possible with the correct and proper information and guidance from the right persons. Our Unit of Support Services for Student Societies and Events is intended to help the students have an active life on the campus and an unforgettable college experience with social and cultural events and projects which are to colour and boost the campus experience. With our students who develop eco-friendly and socially conscious social responsibility projects with the virtue and awareness of being a university student, we aim at contributing to both our students and the future of our country.

In line with our goal of internationalisation, we also pay close attention to the problems and requests of our international students, and create and develop projects to be able to host them in the best way possible.

With the activities carried out by our Alumni Office, we aim to strengthen our relations with our alumni, and be a university growing with its graduates.

We believe that, apart from a well-equipped academic and administrative staff, the students are the most important part of a university which is what makes a university a university and determines its achievements and activities. With a student-oriented approach, we conduct our activities so as to add value to the future of our country, and increase the satisfaction of our students, with our alumni and current students who are proud and happy to be a member of the Beykent family.

Serhat BUTUR

Beykent University’s Dean of Students