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Social Responsibility Projects Coordination Unit

We encourage the development and implementation of eco-friendly, socially conscious, and sustainable social responsibility projects by our students who have the virtue and awareness of being a university student. 

Social Responsibility Projects Coordination Unit aims to develop projects in collaboration with our students, which will help solve the social problems, and to implement these projects within a sustainable framework. SRPCU also aims to encourage all members of the Beykent University, especially our students, to fulfil, with both their own initiatives and the team work we will help create, their responsibilities towards the society they live in. 

With the activities and events it organises, the Social Responsibility Projects Coordination Unit has undertaken the mission of contributing to our country’s economic, social and cultural development, and serve the sustainable world, as well as contributing to science. While planning the problem detection and resolution procedures, it aims to act as a whole, when necessary, and evaluate the social responsibility projects carried out by the public, private, and non-governmental organisations. Besides contributing to the students’ overall level of social activity, the projects we develop also help them start their career advantageously as individuals highly aware of leadership, teamwork, social consciousness, and entrepreneurship.

You can send an e-mail to for your project ideas and to volunteer in our projects.

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