Double Major

Mission and Vision


Beykent University’s Office of the Dean of Students is an administrative unit that aims to provide the required atmosphere and environment for a productive, active, and quality university experience during which the current students and alumni integrate with the University, feel the support of the University for their personal, cultural, social, and professional developments in every field, are counselled to find solutions for their problems, and feel proud and happy to be a member of Beykent University.

With the units under its umbrella, it aims to enable our students to properly benefit from the opportunities provided by the University, maximise their individual potentials, and act as the most important part of the University by creating value in the fields of personal and professional development, career planning, adaptation to the university life, participation in the governance of the University, counselling and problem solving, social and cultural events, active participation in the campus life, international experience, and social responsibility. 


As a ground-breaking, innovative, creative and effective Office of the Dean of Students which can set an example for other universities all around the world, our vision is to play an active role in educating current students and cultivating alumni who are proud and happy to be a part of Beykent University. 


Beykent University’s Office of the Dean of Students consists of several sub-units/departments intended to reach the above-mentioned goals, such as the Centre for Personal Development and Career, Unit of Support Services for Student Societies and Events, Solutions Centre, International Office, Social Responsibility Projects Coordination Unit, and Alumni Office.