Double Major

About Us

The fundamental goal of the Office of the Dean of Students is to lay the groundwork for an efficient, active, and quality university life where our current students and alumni become and remain a part of our University, feel the support from the University in every field for their personal, cultural, social, and professional development, and find solutions to their problems with the help of proper guidance.

Students’ problems related to the university life are followed, and solutions for them are sought in cooperation with relevant administrative and academic units,

  • Studies are done in the fields of culture, art, and science,
  • International student clubs’ events are contributed,
  • Studies that will contribute to the students’ personal development and career following graduation are performed,
  • Support is provided for students to have a more efficient and productive learning environment,
  • Student clubs and societies are opened and their operations are carried out, and help is provided for their organisations,
  • Social responsibility projects are developed with groups composed of voluntary students, Environments that will make students gain life experience are created,
  • It is a solution-oriented unit in which problems of any kind are listened and thoughts on student life in the university can be shared.