Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (Candidate)

Interior Architecture (Turkish)

  • Eğitim Süresi4 Yıl
  • YerleşkeAyazağa - Maslak Campus
  • Eğitim DiliTurkish

Interior Architecture (Turkish)

Department of Interior Architecture (Turkish) aims to educate prospective interior architects who are creative and outstanding, and able to plan and detail their businesses in compliance with international standards, have the required professional practice, and improve themselves constantly.

Students receive theoretical and practical courses at the Department of Interior Architecture. Besides, our students take the courses “Design Studio” and computer assisted courses at the same time as of the second year of their studies. 

Students must complete a 20-working day internship at the construction site and a 20-working day internship at the office. 

The 4-year Programme offers Turkish-medium instruction. English Preparatory Programme is optional.

There is also a Turkish-medium Department of Interior Architecture. Click for Interior Architecture (Turkish). 

Puan ve Kontenjanlar

Program Code Program Grant PointType 2020 Quota 2019 Min Point 2019 Ranking
200790499 Interior Architecture (Turkish) Ücretli SAY 9 - -
200711796 Interior Architecture (Turkish) Burslu SAY 15 327.44617 140,600
200790500 Interior Architecture (Turkish) 25 % İndirimli SAY 76 - -

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