Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences-candidate

Management Information Systems

  • Eğitim Süresi4 Yıl
  • YerleşkeHadımköy Campus
  • Eğitim DiliTurkish

Management Information Systems

The Department of Management Information Systems is a field bringing the disciplines of information and business administration together. It aims to educate prospective graduates who have the required knowledge about information systems to develop information systems and about and business administration to manage these systems.

Recently, programmes with an integrated education of administrative sciences and information systems have been highly preferred departments especially at the US and European universities.

This is a 4-year Programme and the medium of instruction is Turkish. English Preparatory Programme is optional.

Puan ve Kontenjanlar

Program Code Program Grant PointType 2020 Quota 2019 Min Point 2019 Ranking
200710286 Management Information Systems (Turkish) Burslu EA 10 344.50769 107,200
200710595 Management Information Systems (Turkish) 50 % İndirimli EA 55 234.17481 677,600

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