vocational school (candidate)

Interior Design

  • Eğitim Süresi2 Yıl
  • YerleşkeHadımköy Campus
  • Eğitim DiliTurkish

Interior Design

The Interior Design Programme aims to educate creative and distinguished prospective interior designers who plan and design in accordance with international standards, produce original works, have mastery of professional practices, and develop themselves constantly.

This is a 2-year Programme and the medium of instruction is Turkish. English Preparatory Programme is optional.

Puan ve Kontenjanlar

Program Code Program Grant PointType 2021 Quota 2020 Min Point 2020 Ranking
200790457 Interior Design (Turkish) Burslu TYT 9 290.4327 543,000
200790458 Interior Design (Turkish) 50 % İndirimli TYT 51 223.42694 1,254,000

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