Steps to Career Planning


A career is an individual’s gradual progression, gaining experience and skills in one or more sectors throughout the years. As a matter of factit is all the working experiences one has gained throughout their lives.


Since career is a process, it involves some steps and stages. The better we know and manage these steps and stages, the more they help us to build our career. 

  • Setting Goals:

In order to make a right career plan, you first need to make your decisions on your goals clear. In fact, the first step to your career path is when you decide on the department and university while you are studying for the university exams in high school. When you begin to study at the university, you need to make a path based on your department. Or maybe you have graduated and need to choose a job you will devote your lives to, as one’s profession can make your lives happy and meaningful. 

  • Deciding on a Sector:

The next step is to determine a sector. You should find out which sectors and firms have a future, and which ones might need professionals like you. While determining these, considering your qualifications, knowledge, skills, strengths and weaknesses will help you to go into the field you are interested in even if you do not wish to pursue a career related to your departments.

  • Discovering Your Strengths and Weaknesses:

The important thing is to highlight your strengths and minimise your weaknesses. However, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses to do this.

  • Action Plan:

Now that you have decided on what you are going to do in your career, it is time to decide on the strategies you will use to achieve your goals.   You can do research, talk to the specialists in the sector, and observe people who have become successful in the profession you plan to practise.

After doing the necessary research and the groundwork, take action. Every beginning is difficult. Therefore, do not give up at the first difficulty you encounter, and take steps towards your dream career by working hard.