Career Trainings

Professional Trainings

We are supporting your career development with trainings, workshops and seminars which will enrich your personal and professional life, enable you to stand out from the crowd, make your life easier, and contribute to your personal development to make you a more qualified person. Moreover, all these trainings are free of charge and provided by experts.

You may follow our training calendar and announcements for the trainings below and send an e-mail to for the trainings that you want to receive.

  1. Creativity and Creative Problem-Solving Techniques
  2. Stress Management
  3. Competence of Managing Self-Motivation
  4. Leadership and Motivation
  5. Competence of Effective Presentation and Public Speaking
  6. Self-Knowledge through Drama Workshop 
  7. Effective Body Language and Frame of Reference Development Workshop
  8. Perception and Effective Communication
  9. The Roles We Play on the Stage of Life – Transactional Analysis
  10. Conflict Management
  11. Emotional Intelligence and Professional Life
  12. Efficient CV Preparation