Library Services

Library Services

Loan and Return Services:

Loan and Return procedures for our library can are carried out through an internet-based programme. Our loan and return policies are stated in our library guidelines. Patrons can log in to the automation programme through the web and create a library account.  Publications in different campus libraries can be used by patrons.  The libraries carry out procedures for transfer transactions of borrowed publications. 

Internet Services:

Wireless internet service is available in the libraries. 

Library Web Page:

Up-to-date information, announcements, and access to library resources are enabled through the web. 

Electronic Resources:

E-resources involving international scientific publications are available on and off-campus.

Remote Access to Databases:

Through the online e-library portal DeepKnowledge, electronic resources are available from anywhere with email address and password. You can access all the electronic resources through a desktop computer or mobile device from the addresses or DeepKnowledge application for mobile devices enables easy remote access to databases.

Database Training:

Our Office organises database trainings.

Academic Open Access System:

A corporate open access system was built in order that all the academic outputs are collected, arranged, deposited in the long term, and preserved within our University, and to offer open-access to local and international users for these works. By using the system through our web page, our students can follow the scientific works our academicians carried out.

Services for Students with Sight Disabilities:

There is a screen reading programme and a device reading documents which our students with disabilities can use.  Through these programmes, our students can use computers without any help, listen the print library resources with the screen reader, and make records. 

Study Halls:

Our students use the study halls and computer areas in our campus libraries for group works, project studies.