Ayazağa Dormitories


  • Period of stay is 10 months, and an additional payment for the 1-month stay will be received for the students attending the summer school. 
  • VAT is included in the fees. 
  • Fees may be paid in 9 instalments by credit card, and a 5% discount is offered for upfront payments. 
  • Sibling discount is 10%. 
  • Deposit is 1,250₺.
Price ListMonthlyStandard Price For 10-Month
Room Types – Option 1 (For 2 Person)  
Type A₺1.946₺19.462
Type B₺2.122₺21.217
Type C₺2.208₺22.084
Type D₺2.295₺22.950
Type E ₺2.471
Room TypesOption 2 (For 3 Person)  
Type B₺1.606₺16.055
Type D₺1.722₺17.221
Type E ₺1.839₺18.388
Room Types – Option 3 (For One Person)  
Type A₺3.362₺33.621
Type B₺3.664₺36.635
Type C₺3.818₺38.178
Type D₺3.966₺39.659
Type E ₺4.270₺42.704