Date: 15 August 2019

Minister Kasapoğlu Welcomed the European Champion Beykenters in His Office

The Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Kasapoğlu welcomed Beykent University’s Men’s Volleyball Team, champion of the European Universities Volleyball Championship 2019 for the second time in a row, and Beykent University’s Men’s Basketball Team, finishing second in the European Universities Basketball Championship 2019 for the second time in a row, and he congratulated them.

As well as Dr. Erkan Çelik, Rector of Beykent University Prof. Dr. Murat Ferman, Secretary General of Beykent University Murat Süslü, Head of the Office of Health, Culture, and Sports Halil İbrahim Duru, Head of the Office of Public Affairs and Communications Cansu İbili, Coach of Men’s Volleyball’s Team Barış Sümen and his team, Coach of Men’s Basketball Team Bilal Han Duru Bilal Han Duru and his team also visited the Minister.

Minister Kasapoğlu’s Special Congratulation

During the visit which was in a hospitable environment, the Minister Kasapoğlu congratulated Beykent University on its success, and said, ‘‘I congratulate the managers of Beykent University, and our athletes on the honour they gave us, and the outstanding service they performed.’’

‘‘We are Always There for You’’

Revealing the content thanks to the visit, Dr. Erkan Çelik said, ‘‘Our esteemed Minister showed his courtesy by inviting our athletes here, and made us glad. We thank him for his interest.’’

Stating that they were glad due to the Minister Kasapoğlu’s interest in Beykent’s success in Europe, Rector of Beykent University Prof. Dr. Murat Ferman said, ‘‘We appreciate that our esteemed Minister expressed his polite messages and support during the visit.’’

The Ministry Follows the Competition

The Minister Kasapoğlu acquired information about the tournament from the Coach of Men’s Volleyball’s Team Barış Sümen, and the Coach of Men’s Basketball Team Bilal Han Duru, and he said that the success is valuable, and they followed the competitions in the tournament as the whole Ministry.

Promised to go to the matches and visit the campus

Stating that he personally follows the success of Beykent, the Minister Kasapoğlu said that he would like to go to the matches of the two teams the following year, and also to visit Beykent University’s campuses.

Uniform as a Present

The General Secretary of Beykent University Murat Süslü expressed his appreciation due to the kind and hospitable attitude during the visit.

Dr. Çelik and Prof. Dr. Ferman gave the Minister Kasapoğlu a uniform, on which the Minister’s name is written, as a present. The visit was ended with the words expressing the wishes that another visit would be organised again in 2020, after the new championships aimed.

A Visit to Anıtkabir

After visiting the Minister Kasapoğlu, the Administers of Beykent University and the team players visited Anıtkabir, being proud of returning from Europe with the consecutive victories.