Master’s and PhD Degree

Application Requirements for Master’s/ PhD Degree

Medium of instruction in our Master’s and PhD Degree Programmes is English.

Application Documents for Master’s Degree Programmes:

  • Online Application Form
  • Copy of ALES (Academic Staff and Postgraduate Education Admission Exam) score for applicants of Thesis Master’s Degree (Minimum score required is 55)
  • Original of the Bachelor’s Degree diploma or graduate certificate, or in case of candidates who have not yet graduated, official letters from their universities showing that they are in the graduation process
  • For the candidates completing their undergraduate education abroad, a letter of recognition concerning the university they graduated from
  • Photocopy of passport

Application results for the Thesis Master’s Degree Programme will be announced adter the interviews.


Application Documents for PhD Degree Programmes:

  • Original of the Master’s Degree diploma
  • For candidates completing their Master’s Degree education abroad, a letter of recognition issued by CoHE (Turkish Council of Higher Education) stating that their Master’s Degree diplomas are recognized in Turkey
  • Photocopy of passport (with student visa)
  • 6 passport photographs (in colour)

Copy of ALES score (55 points minimum)