Erasmus Policy Statement

Beykent University describes the key element of the internationalisation strategy is prioritising quality to the university’s strategy by ensuring that we embed internationalisation within the research and innovation and learning and teaching strategis as our core academic mission. 

Beykent University welcomes over 900 international students which creates an exciting and international atmosphere for students and staff with the growing number of international students from all over the world that helps us for the development of international atmosphere in our 3 campuses located in Istanbul city; which is the only city in the world on two continents with bridges over the Bosphorus connecting Europe and Asia, and the former capital of three successive Empires; Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Today’s Istanbul is a vibrant metropolitan city of more that 14 million citizens with a wide spectrum of economic, industrial and cultural activities, which makes it an ideal setting for educational and cultural studies.

Internationalisation, in addition to the mean of the recruitment of international students and the development of international campuses, Beykent University has a strong ‘bottom-up’ agenda of curriculum internationalisation, often linked to constructs of global citizenship. Beykent University has already undertaken significant curriculum development in both internationalisation and employability, and was honored by the European Commission with Diploma Supplement label in 2013, considering the priority of EU-level initiatives that higher education is a powerful driver of economic growth and opens doors to better living standards and opportunities for people in EU countries.

Beykent University is a fully aware of the quality of teaching in higher education is a central aspect that prospective students consider when they decide where to pursue their education. Therefore, we sincerely believe, its conclusion, among other factors, such as research perfomance, regional involvement of higher education institutions and knowledge tranfer, in rankings, as proposed by the Commission in the new ranking tool ‘U-Multirank’ will be very useful to prospective students.

Beykent University is not interested in simply providing a study abroad experience to students in EU and no-EU countries, we constantly looking and choose our partners that share our mission of supporting and improving the lives of students and future leaders and that add value for students.

Beykent University has not defined any geographical priorities for partnership. However, emphasis on past collaborations has been on European countries, in parallel with widespread support of Erasmus Programme. Meanwhile, we encourage staff and students in first, second and third cycles, including study and training, and short cycles, to join the programmes and international collaborations established with partners from every geographical areas around the world.

Beykent University provides scholarship opportunities to local and international students and university’s one the most important objectives of mobility activities, is to promote a more peaceful world by advancing international awareness and cultural understanding to international and Exchange staff and students in first, second and third cycles, including study and training, and short cycles, regardless of academic and social background, from all over the world.

Beykent University is collaborating with partner universities in the development of double/multiple/joint degrees, in order to offer students the opportunity to pursue an integrated curriculum within the university and incorporating interdisciplinary course work with our partner universities.