Beykent University, founded by Adem Çelik-Beykent Educational Foundation which was ratified by the Turkish Law no: 4282 on 09.07.1997, is a private university with public entities.

Beykent University, starting with the 1997-1998 academic year, grows up every day with experience of education and continuous to present a world standard education quality to their students.

Beykent University offers education service with its world standard technical equipment and practice area and its well-chosen academic staff, in which every year 50% of over 15.000 students become scholarship students. Our University has 5 different campuses, 8 Faculties, 4 Vocational Schools, a Distance Learning System, 2 Institutes, 3 Research Centers and a Continuing Education and Research Center.

Beykent University has 49 Bachelor’s Degree Programs (3 Programs in Distance Learning), 45 Associate’s Degree Programs (26 Programs in Daytime Education, 17 Programs in Evening Education, 2 Programs in Distance Learning). The Education Language in Beykent University is English, Turkish and Mixed.


Faculty of Science and Letters
- English Language and Literature (DİL - 1)
- History (TS-2)
- Mathematics and Computing (MF-1)
- Psychology (TM-3)
- Sociology (TM-3)

- Translation and Interpreting (English) (DİL-1)
- Translation and Interpreting (Russian) (DİL-3)
- Turkish Language and Literature (TS-2)

Faculty of Fine Arts
- Acting (Turkish) (BUSST)*
- Art Management and Performing Arts (BUSST)*
- Cinema and TV (TS-1)
- Cinema and TV (Turkish) (TS-1)
- Communication and Design (BUSST)*
- Graphic Design (BUSST)*
- Textile and Design (BUSST)*

Faculty of Law (TM-2)

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
- Banking and Finance (TM-1)
- Business Administration (TM-1) 
- Business Administration (Turkish) (TM-1)

- Business Administration (TM-1) (Distance Learning)
- Economics (TM-1)
- Economics (Turkish) (TM-1)

- Entrepreneurship (TM-1)

- International Relations (TM-2)
- International Logistics and Transportation (TM-1)
- International Trade (TM-1)
- Management Information Systems (TM-1)
- Management Information Systems (TM-1) (Distance Learning)
- Tourism Management (TM-1)

Faculty of Communication
- New Media (TS - 1)
- Public Relations and Advertising (TS-1)
- Television Reporting and Programming ( TS - 1) 
- Visual Communication (TS - 1)

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
- Architecture (MF-4)
- Chemical Engineering (MF-4)
- Civil Engineering (MF-4)
- Computer Engineering (MF-4)
- Electronics and Communication Engineering (MF-4)
- Energy System Engineering ( MF - 4)
- Industrial Engineering (MF-4)
- Industrial Engineering (MF-4) (Distance Learning Centre)
- Interior Architecture (BUSST)*
- Management Engineering (MF – 4)
- Mechanical Engineering (MF-4)
- Software Engineering (MF-4)

School of Applied Sciences
- Capital Market and Portfolio Management (YGS - 6)
- Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (YGS - 4)

- Industrial Design (BUSST)*

School of Foreign Languages
- Preparatory Programs English 
- Preparatory Program Russian 
- Preparatory Program Language Support and Academic Development Programs

* BUSST: Beykent University Special Skills Test


Associate (Pre-Bachelor’s) Degree


Morning Education
- Anaesthesia (YGS-2)

- Architectural Restoration (YGS-5)
- Banking and Insurance (YGS-6)
- Business Administration (YGS-6)
- Catering and Cookery (YGS-4)
- Child Development (YGS-4)
- Computer Programming (YGS-1)
- Construction Technologies (YGS-1)
- Dental Prosthesis Technology (YGS - 2)
- Fashion Design (YGS - 5)
- Foreign Trade (YGS-6)
- Graphic Design (YGS-5)
- Justice (YGS-3)
- Logistics (YGS-6)
- Machine (YGS-1)
- Opticianry (YGS - 1)

Oral And Dental Health (YGS - 2)
- Paramedic (YGS - 2)
- Pathology Laboratory Techniques (YGS - 2)
- Printing and Broadcasting Technologies  (YGS-5)
- Public Relations and Publicity (YGS-4)
- Radio and Television Programming (YGS-4)
- Radiotherapy (YGS-1) 
- Textile Technology (YGS-1)
- Tourism and Travel Services (YGS-5)

- Worker’s Health and Safety (YGS-2)

Evening Education
- Anaesthesia (YGS-2)

- Banking and Insurance (YGS-6)
- Child Development (YGS-4)
- Computer Programming (YGS-1)
- Construction Technologies (YGS-1)
- Foreign Trade (YGS-6)
- Graphic Design (YGS-5)

- Justice (YGS-3) 
- Logistics (YGS-6)

- Machine (YGS-1)
- Opticianry (YGS - 1)

- Oral and Dental Health (YGS - 2) 
- Paramedic (YGS - 2)
- Printing and Broadcasting Technologies (YGS-5)

- Public Relations and Publicity (YGS-4)

- Radio and Television Programming (YGS-4)

- Radiotherapy (YGS-1) 

Distance Learning Centre

- Business Administration (YGS-6) (Distance Learning Centre) 
- Computer Programming (YGS-1) (Distance Learning Centre) 


Institute of Social Sciences
Dept. of Business Administration (MBA)
- Accounting
- Business
- Business Administration
- Fashion Management

- Finance
- Global Marketing
- Hospital and Health Institutions Management
- Human Resources and Organizational Change
- International Economy Politics and Business
- International Management
- Management Information Systems
- Management Organization
- Marketing
- Numerical Methods
- Production Management and Industrial Management
- Production Management and Marketing
- Public Relations and Advertising
- Real Estate Valuation And Financing 
- Strategic Business Administration
- Tourism Management


Department of Psychology (MA)

-Clinical Psychology


Department of Economics (MA)
- Political Economy

Department of Law
- Public Law

Dept. of International Relations (MA)
- International Relations

Dept. of English Language and Literature (MA)
- English Language and Literature

Dep. of History
- History

Art Dep. of Cinema and TV (MA)
- Cinema and TV

Art Dept. of Communication and Design (MA)
- Communication Arts and Design

Art Dept. of Textile and Fashion Design (MA)
- Textile and Fashion Design

Institute of Science and Engineering
Dep. of Mathematics and Computing (MSc)
- Applied Mathematics
- Computer Networks and Internet Technologies
- Decision Analysis and Strategy Development
- Information Technologies


Dep. of Computer Engineering (MSc) 
- Computer Engineering


Dep. of Industrial Engineering (MSc)

- Industrial Engineering

Dep. of Architecture (MSc) 
- Architectural Design

- Architecture
- Construction Technology
- Urban Design

Dep. of Machine Engineering (MSc)

- Machine Engineering

Department of Construction Engineering (MSc) 
- Design and Production Management

- Earthquake Risk Constructions and Urban Transformation

Department of Interior Architecture (MSc)
- Interior Architecture

Institute of Social Sciences

- Art and Design (Competence in Art)
- Business Administration (Doctorate)
- Cinema TV (Competence in Art)

Institute of Science and Engineering
- Applied Mathematics

- Architecture

- Computer Engineering

Institute of Social Sciences

- Banking and Finance (Distance Learning)
- Hospital and Health Institutions Management (Distance Learning)
- Human Resources and Organizational Change (Distance Learning)

- Management (Distance Learning) (e-MBA) 
- Management Information Systems (Distance Learning) (E-MBA)

Institute of Science and Engineering
- Urban Management and Geographical Information System

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