Conference on “Developments and Expectations in Cyprus”, arranged by the Beykent University Strategic Research Center, has been executed in Taksim Campus on February 24 th, 2011. Conference was delivered by the Dr. Derviş EROĞLU, President of the Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Conference attracted mass viewer and media interest. Prior to conference, Adem ÇELİK (Chief of Beykent University Board of Trustees), Prof.Dr. Mehmet Emin KARAHAN (Rector), and (R) Full Gen. Yaşar BÜYÜKANIT (Advisor to Beykent University) hosted a lunch in HILTON Hotel.

Conference started with the opening remark of Prof.Dr. Mehmet Emin KARAHAN. Following conference, students directed various questions to Dr. Derviş EROĞLU. BEA Television of Beykent University broadcasted a live interview with Dr. Derviş EROĞLU. Here are some of the points made by Dr. Derviş EROĞLU during the conference;

      -  Without motherland, neither TRNC is able to live, nor the Cypriot Turkish people may become free and independent. Turkey. Cyprus issue is a national claim for Turkey and that claim is our quarantee. Our red line with Rums is effective and actual quarantee of Turkey. On the other hand, Rums’ red line is to avoid from quarantee of Turkey.

      -  As a man who served as prime minister in a country under embargoes for 19 years, I know what the international agreement is. I can not say that we are willing to have any agreement with whatever conditions. We wish a Cyprus that Turks live free and sovereign in their lands with actual quarantee of Turkey.

      - What we want is a founding state that sovereign in their land with equal status and land integrity. Leaders of Cyriot Greeks lie to their people pretending that they will have all the island and as if they will return to North.

      - UN invited both sides to New York for negotiations. We also came together in Genova later. Hristofyas does not accept UN principle to collaborate the issues we are unable to solve. We will meet in March under the supervision of UN.    

      -  Cyriot Greeks wants to kill the time by using their calendar; elections in May,     their presidental period of EU in 2012 and presidental election of Cyriot Greek in 2013. They think in that period Turkish side will suffer from more instability and will be willing to meet at the conditions they want.

      -   Cyriot Greeks wish to save time since they are EU member and Turkish side is under embargoes. There is only one way to convince Cyriot Greeks for any agreement; to abolish the embargoes. For the present time, we do our best under UN supervision but one day if the UN formally states the end of her mission, we may look other options. If we mention about a B Plan as negotiation process is in progress, this could be another matter of abusement for the Cyriot Greeks.