Directorate of Public Relations and Advertising sets communication targets of Beykent University, formulates the strategies to reach these targets and manages the applying process of the integrated communication program including public relations activities suitable for this strategy.

The Directorate of Public Relations and Advertising provides the flow of information between the faculties and departments; it consists of public relations, adversiting, press relations, press tracking, organization and web updates related to coordination departments.


Manager of the Office: Esra ÖZTÜFEK

Phone: +90 (212) 867 51 91 (Ayazağa - Maslak Campus)   

Phone: +90 (212) 867 54 00 (Beylikduzu Campus)

Mail: (Beylikduzu Campus)
Mail: (Ayazağa - Maslak Campus)
Mail: (Beylikduzu Campus)