The aim of psychology department is to bring up students who can examine human behaviors and way of thinking with   the methods of Psychology and present them to the society in order to sort out social problems, communicational problems between individuals and increase the productivity in education, health, manufacturing etc.

Eight semester teaching program has been prepared according to the needs of today and the future includes courses such as Theoretical Psychology, Applied Psychology, Organisational/Industrial Psychology, Social Psychology, Development, Personality, Education, History, Political Psychology. The program covers both theoretical and applied issues. Students are also offered a variety of elective courses so that they can freely focus on any subject they are interested in. A series of workshops, seminars and panels are held regularly for the interests of our students and teaching staff.

The mission of psychology science – as other disciplines- is to serve society.  Our graduates may find posts not only as teachers at schools but also work at nurseries, kindergartens, personal development centers, universities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, banks, large industrial plants and different private institutions.
 As the individualism is becoming more prevalent the special life, people need more professional support. Especially in big cities, it has been more common recently that people need to visit a psychologist or an expert for their individual problems. Both big companies and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMSE – KOBI) which perform human resources and customer satisfaction issues conscientiously see hiring a professional psychologist as a must in their firms.

Turkish is the medium of instruction. One year English prep education is optional.